Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

You know Nintendo but do you REALLY know Nintendo. Back in the day, there used to be a channel called G4TV which talked all about video games including offering a special on Nintendo’s past. Unfortunately, according to listings from sites like, G4 is a little hard to come by these days so, today, we’re offering a brief write-up on some little known facts about Nintendo.

1. Risque Playing Cards
Nintendo is a pretty household, family-friendly name but did you know that they used to be a major purveyor of rather risky or risqu playing cards. The cards are pretty tame by today’s standards but featured models in various states of undress.

2. Wanted to Be a Mangaka
Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario and Zelda and Donkey Kong, originally wanted to be a comic artist or a mangaka. This yearning is still reflected in his work today where he infuses his visual sense in many of his games.

3. Miyamoto’s Other First Son
Everyone thinks Miyamoto’s first games were of the Mario variety, but his first NES game was quite different. This game was known as Devil World and would have been Miyamoto’s debut NES game in the US had it not been banned for use of demonic imagery. I just found a great list of advanced warfare cheats here .

Video Game Renting: A Great Way to Preview Games

Buying video games for yourself or your children can get very expensive if players are using a current-generation gaming platform. It is most practical to rent games before committing to what often amounts to purchase of 50 or more. Described below are several ways to try video games before actually making the purchase.

Renting from a box-style machine is one of the most popular methods of previewing a hot new game.

Ou Pick Of The Best Gaming Magazines

By far, IGN provides the best coverage of any game with some of the quickest reviews and the most up to date releases. They are always first to get coverage on the newest games coming out. IGN has also shown support for the very community it receives its viewership from. For the past few years, IGN has been supporting many games and the rise of E-sports in the United States and around the world.

Top Ten New Video Game Releases

Video game releases are climbing to the top of sales in electronics. People wait to get their addictive dose of video games on a regular basis. This is why so many video game store take the pre-orders for customers. They like to get some type of feel for how many people will be ordering the games. They want to know just how big the deal will be.

The top ten video game releases helps stores anticipate how many copies of certain games they will need to order.